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If your goal is to be the top in your field or industry, one sure way to do it is by optimizing your website. Being on the first page of Google is a great marker for being the best. To do that, you’ll need a site audit.

Don't feel ready yet? Here's how a site audit works:

Phase 1: Web Copy Content Audit

Before anything else, we will take a thorough look at each page on your website and assess the quality of the content as well as its effectivity in achieving your content goals.

This includes:

  • Information Pages
    • Home Page
    • About Page
  • Service Pages
  • Location Landing Pages
  • Lead Generation Pages
  • Blogs and Articles (Last 60 days)
  • Images
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Phase 2: Internal Content Audit

The main difference in this phase is that we will be looking at the quality of the URLs, the sitemap, indexation, and redirections of your website.

This includes:

  • URL Slugs
  • Redirects
  • Indexes
  • Crawl Commands
  • Server Log Files (How often search engines check your website)

Phase 3: SEO Audit

The SEO Audit consists of a thorough look at your backlink profile, keyword profile, and anchor text profile. 

To simplify, we will be checking:

  • Which websites are linking back to you as well as their quality and trustworthiness
  • What keywords people are using to find you or what keyword you need to use for them to find your website
  • What keywords people are linking to. To put it simply, this shows Google what people think of your site with the words they use to link back to you.
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What's next?

By going through each phase, we can assess the overall quality of your website and pinpoint issues that you can fix.

Along with the free audit, we will send in a list of recommendations that you can do to improve your content and SEO strategy. 

How long does a website audit take?

It takes 2-3 days to audit your site and create the report you need. For a faster turn-around time, contact our content marketers here.

The site audit we offer is an initial look at the website in its entirety. A comprehensive audit is necessary to assess each page, article, and technical aspect of the website. Even so, we believe that this initial audit will give you the jumpstart you need to advance your content and SEO strategy.

We hope this helps you understand the importance of a site audit for your website.

When you are ready, let us know and we will begin your site audit immediately.

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