How Fifteenth Content Happened

Fifteenth Content, a content marketing and digital marketing powerhouse, used to be a content creation team that wrote pieces that clients wanted – not what they needed. Several teams had to be hired to create a content plan for one client. Fifteenth Content was just one team. 

          The problem, however, was that all the teams had different principles and strategies in place. In the end, each client had to work on managing everyone in their marketing team, as well as their business team. The funny part was that all that work funneled down towards the content team.

          In the end, the content strategy could not be implemented because of disconnected ideas and strategies that were not in sync.

Content Marketing Team Formation

          Danielle, the founder of Fifteenth Content, decided that it was time to pave the way for better content management and strategizing. Instead of having ten teams do one thing. Why not have just one?

          Fifteenth Content is built with the goal of improving communication with audiences through the power of Content Marketing. The company’s mission is to prove that content – high quality, cry and laugh your heart out, stimulating, and educational content – is the key to better business practices.

         Just because something used to work for you doesn’t mean that you have to keep doing it. Content marketing allows you to evolve and become better than who you were the day before. It is a continuous process that any business owner should apply to their business.

Fifteenth Content believes in the power of words, images, sounds, and motion to start a conversation that will create communities, brand loyalists, and powerful companies. If you don’t believe it, why not try it?

Meet The Team

Our team is made up of excellent and skilled content creators. We are business owners, artists, parents, friends, and colleagues. We are just like you and we understand you.

Danielle Anne Suleik
Danielle Anne Suleik
Audrey b
Audrey B

Creatives and Writers

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