About Us

What We Do

Fifteenth Content is focused on helping business owners, freelancers, and independent contractors develop content that can affect people in a positive way. We want to help you achieve your goals when it comes to reaching people all over the world using one language, an unlimited number of ideas, and an infinite number of connections. That is what we are here for.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of culturally diverse people who complement each other, making Fifteenth Content a haven for freelancers, contractors, and writers that share a passion for changing the world through content.

We're constantly looking for new people, experiences, and clients to work with. We believe in growing our team because of quality, not because we need quantity.

Our Story

Fifteenth Content was started by two people but was built by many individuals who wanted to create content that can help other people.

It has grown into a team of content developers who are skilled, trained, and managed by content-driven individuals.

What sets us apart is not how we do business or create content. It is how we share what we learned from each other, from experts, from friends, and many more, with the sole purpose of improving the work of the content development and writing community, as well as the digital marketing community as a whole.

All this is packaged with the mindset of helping business improve their content (and therefore their standing in their industry) with our work.


Danielle Anne Suleik

Founder & CEO

"I've seen what this community can do for all of us business owners. I see the magic in the charts and graphs. But most of all, I see all the positive thingsĀ  we can do for everyone involved."

Bryan Ko

Bryan Ko

Founder & CFO

"I am programmed to recognize opportunities especially when something great is about to happen. We act on your opportunities and increase the value of what you already have. Part of my job is providing you the bottom line and giving you a guarantee that we will take care of your business."

What's Next?

Let us know your ideas and we can tell you more about what Fifteenth Content can do for you.