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What does Content Marketing mean for small businesses?​
There are 30.2 millions small businesses in the United States as of 2018. Since then, 53% of these businesses have used content marketing to get more sales, expand to other locations, or go global.
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What is Content Optimization making businesses more successful?​
Content optimization allows your business to reach new audiences and create a loyal following. Simply put, optimizing your content helps you target people who are ready to buy, subscribe, invest, and so much more.
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Why Content Creation needs more than blogs...​
We always let our clients know that blogs and website copies are not the end game. In order to survive against 5 million competitors in your industry, you must be the best and preferably, foremost at your craft and/or services.
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Content Promotion is a secret art.​
Have you ever wondered why Fortune 500 companies pay millions of dollars just for a single ad? Content Marketers like us know the secret and it's not just ads, commercials and billboards. Learn that secret here.
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Fifteenth Content will AUDIT YOUR SITE at no cost so you can begin your Content Marketing Journey.

Why get your site audited?

Most, if not all content marketers, are aware that the first step to solving a problem is finding it.

A site audit allows us to show you where you can improve and how to do it.

Site audits cover content, website, and backlink quality. Bonus points if you need an audit for social media platforms.

Get a Free Site Audit Today. Includes actionable advice from our marketers.

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From content strategy to content creation. We offer a comprehensive package or a service-based approach.


Targeting the right kind of subscribers, readers, and clients who are ready to convert through enhanced search engine visibility and organic content reach.


If you already have a strategy, you'll need high quality, well-researched content to back that up.


Copywriting is not just content. Audiences are more likely to act on an offer with the right words and intent. Includes website, social media, and press copies.

A representative will contact you with your requested pricing plan within 24-48 hours.