How to Talk to Your Idols


You may feel celebrities are above the fold and unreachable, but not all of them.

Some of your idols cannot be contacted for privacy and safety purposes, while others welcome any and all forms of communication, especially fan letters.

Not everyone will receive a reply because thousands of you have already messaged, but what if you were the 0.00001% who did receive a response? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

For me it was. Thrice.

What you don’t know is that I sent emails and messages to my idols and received genuine responses.

I sent a message to my favorite researcher/author Eric Barker and got this in response.

eric barker

I asked to connect with my favorite SEO content marketer Brian Dean on LinkedIn and I felt like we were best work friends!

brian dean

I send an InMail to my favorite strategist Talia Wolf and received a reply! Nobody replies to InMails!!!

talia wolf

And last but not least, The Godfather of the Creative Community, who responds like my ex, Chris Do.

chris do

So what’s the takeaway here?

There’s nothing to lose if you reach out to your idols. There’s only winning.

There may be small wins like “thx” but leave a big impact. With thousands of people messaging, this guy stopped everything he was doing to respond to as many of his fans as possible.

There may also be wins that may not be yours completely, but you can be proud of, like supporting your favorite researcher on his first book.

There’s also the big wins – direct advice from your idol and a secondary connection on LinkedIn that gave you so many memorable relationships with new friends and colleagues.

Thank you Eric, Brian, Talia, and Chris.

Now, who are you going to say hi to?

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