How a Copywriter Becomes Better with a Checklist

As a copywriter, your work involves multiple processes and elements. You outline, research, write, edit, fact-check, format, and publish. You work on press releases, blog posts, email newsletters, and more. 

This type of work requires a good memory and a good system. This is where checklists come in. Checklists play a valuable role in the performance of tasks that are long and complicated, like that of a copywriter.

As an example, NASA astronauts use checklists when they launch rockets. Surgeons use checklists every time they enter the operating theater. Pilots use checklists every time they fly a plane. 

Furthermore, checklists are also useful when writing. They can help you strengthen the quality of your articles and make your reporting more accurate. They also help you avoid critical errors and motivate you to keep writing.

Here’s more:

An effective copywriter keeps a checklist

As a copywriter, having a visual guide helps you avoid skipping the smaller tasks that need to be accomplished to achieve the overall goal. When you have a visual reminder (a checklist), the tasks that remain uncompleted will nag at you until you get started on them.

Checklists keep you focused

When you’re writing, it can be easy to get caught in the moment and forget critical steps like fact-checking names and dates or checking URLs. The act of writing down the things you need to do and of ticking off the tasks once you’ve completed them help ensure that you don’t miss any important steps.

Checklists inspire you to keep going

It’s easy to stay motivated when you’re taking on smaller goals that are easy to do and take less time to accomplish. When you see your checklist and all the tasks that you’ve already ticked off, you get a feeling of satisfaction that then drives you to keep ticking off more items from the list.

Here are some sample copywriter checklists for the next time you sit down to write something:

a freelance copywriter typing a checklist on her laptop
A checklist will help you become a more effective copywriter.

Copywriting checklist

  • Brainstorm.
  • Create an outline.
  • Do research.
  • Write freely without editing.

Editing checklist

  • After you are done writing, take a break for at least an hour.
  • Check spelling and grammar by running the piece through a writing app or software.
  • Run the piece through an app or software that determines its readability.
  • Run the piece through a plagiarism checker.
  • Check if the word count is sufficient.
  • Review the flow and rhythm of the piece by reading it out loud.
  • Assess if the opening is interesting enough to get the attention of the readers.
  • Check if the concluding paragraph challenges readers to act or do something.

Proofreading checklist

  • Open all the URLs in the piece to see if they are working.
  • Look for typos.
  • Check the spelling of people’s names and titles, company names, book titles, etc.
  • Review all dates.
  • Make sure all book titles, song titles, and such are properly stylized.
  • Fact-check figures, names, and statistics.
  • Check the headline or title of the piece.
  • Check the format—font style, font size, column alignment, page numbering, bullets, etc.
  • Read the piece out loud to check again for errors.

Do you use checklists for work or for personal use? Tell us how you do it and how checklists have helped improve your productivity. Sound off in the comments below.

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