What Does A Writing Consultant Do?

A writing consultant is a professional who excels in several fields of writing and uses their talents to advise and improve a client’s work. In a perfect world, everyone can write their own thesis, add content to their own websites, or even come up with a 10-page white paper without needing anyone else’s help. Unfortunately, such a world doesn’t exist.

By principle, this is the most fundamental reason why professional writing consultants have a job. Read on if you want to understand what—or more appropriately, WHO—writing consultants are.

Who are Writing Consultants?

The process of understanding an alien term or phrase starts with identifying the keywords at its core. For our subject today, two words need to be defined: “writing” and “consultants.” The writing consultant job description is a bit complex, but we will do our best to let you know everything about them.

Based on its general definition, writing is the process of communicating with other human beings through sets of visible marks or language that signify a message. These marks form words that complete phrases and sentences, all of which are coherently combined for the receiver to understand.

A consultant, on the other hand, is someone who offers professional services or expert advice in a particular science or field. These people are hired or employed by other individuals or even institutions to render skillful services that only people in their field of work can offer.

If combined, the two words showcase who a writing consultant is: someone who offers professional services and expert recommendations to deliver a coherent message to a receiver.

To be more precise, writing consultants help their client pen essays, articles, and other written outputs with the guidance of a seasoned writer.

4 Reasons Why People Need Writing Consultants

Basic education may be enough for the majority of people around the world to know how to use computers to type words, but not everyone can write as well as others. Sad as it may be, this truth has paved the way for a breed of professionals to grow in population—enough to fill an entire industry.

If you are skeptical about hiring a writing consultant, it may be best for you to continue reading so you will know the reasons why people still turn to professionals like us, especially with advancements in technology that make writing easier.

Why You Need a Writing Consultant

  1. Objectivity. Writing consultants offer an objective and fresh perspective on your company’s writing matters that no one from the inside can offer.
  2. Avoiding Internal Politics. Because companies hire consultants externally, they are less prone to be subjected to office politics that may hinder their objectivity in their tasks.
  3. Affordability. Consultants, in general, offer high-quality service with at a lower rate.
  4. More Cost-Efficient. Assigning the backfill of writing needs to consultants is more efficient than hiring a full-time employee who is legally entitled to social security and other added benefits on top of their salaries.

12 Roles Writing Consultants Can Take

Although the primary task of writing consultants involves expert recommendation and skillful writing, they take on more roles than you expect.

On a professional level, these people—also called “writing entrepreneurs”— can become full-time employees, freelance contractors, or independent service providers in various industries and fields. Examples of such industries are as follows:

Social Influencer

Social influencers are people who serve as “experts” on something (other than writing, of course) while promoting a brand or product at the same time. They are often famous in social media where they use their persuasive power and reach to enhance a brand’s reputation.

News Correspondent

News correspondents write reports about current events, societal issues, and other relevant happenings around the world or in a specific area. They provide non-opinionated articles published on print or in the Web.


Copywriters are people who produce write-ups to promote a brand, product, service, or event. The “copies” they come up with are often catchy by nature and provide important details to convert readers into buyers.

Content Marketer

Content marketing is a field where the writer promotes a brand via online content. The work includes newsletters, blog posts, and rich graphic content like infomercials and infographics. These materials are then shared to a target audience to efficiently increase a company’s reach and, ultimately, their revenue.

Newsletter Writer

Newsletters have almost the same format as blogs, but they are distributed via email. Subscribers to a website often receive this write-up that contains concise reports about a company or website’s new and updated content. These days, however, newsletters lean more towards product and discount promotions. These types of projects are handled by business writing consultants.

Niche Blogger

Blogging is currently one of the best avenues for a writing professional to prosper. More specifically, niche blogs are gaining popularity because of their specific target audience that ensures a greater share in web traffic.

eBook Ghostwriter

Many experts in various fields employ ghostwriters to convert their ideas and specialization into a cleverly written collection of articles available online.


While many creative writing consultants opt to stay in the shadows by penning books and other written materials anonymously, there are some who venture into becoming novelists to publish their own books under their by-line.


Proofreading is another vital task assigned to writing consultants and copy editors to ensure that a piece is of high quality and error-free. It entails checking the grammar, style, and overall flow of written work of writers—most of whom are professionals, too—before publishing their pieces.

Fact Checker

Aside from checking for errors in the actual output, writing consultants may also be tasked to verify the information stated in an article. It is imperative for news reports and other straightforward write-ups that feed critical information to the public to avoid spreading lies and half-truths about important issues.


While their expertise may lie on weaving words into intricate articles that enrich readers’ lives in some way, writing consultants may also serve as researchers. When details about a subject are scarce, writing consultants can offer their vast knowledge in words and concepts to accomplish the task without any hitch.

Website Manager/Editor

Writing consultants have also developed their expertise in websites. They handle most of the content and manage the overall appearance of the website to gain more followers, to increase traffic, and improve a brand’s visibility online.

Writing Consultant Fees

Generally, a writing consultant will have a retainer fee that starts at $1000 to $10,000 per month. It can be more, depending on the results of their work. The fees vary by expertise, experience, and skills. They can also vary per project and job description as well.

There is no standard for pricing when it comes to consultancy jobs, but it is up to you to decide whether it is worth it for your company. Just know that writing consultants are in that position because their efforts have been proven by the clients they worked for in the past.


Writing consultants put on more hats than any other professional can. While we may not be the rarest professionals in the world, we provide many services to different industries in a way that will enrich industries, businesses, and even lives. Writing consultant jobs are also one of the most sought-after professions today. Be a writing consultant or hire a writing consultant today.

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