Building a Strong Online Presence for Your Business

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No matter what type of business you have, an online presence is practically a requirement in the Internet age. Having an online presence makes you more visible to more potential clients. It allows people to check your address and other details, making you more credible. It lets them see what types of services or products […]

Facebook Ad Copy: Does Longer Ad Text Perform Better?

The way you craft a Facebook ad will determine its success. Facebook ads offer you the chance to reach millions of potential customers. But it does have its limitations. For one thing, the image you use for the ad has to be a certain size and ratio. The link and description have to be limited […]

Better SEO in 2019: Our Top Writing Tips for SEO

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What worked in SEO copywriting last year may not work again this year. Because of how fast things change in the world of digital marketing, it’s no surprise that SEO strategists have to constantly tweak their techniques.  Search engine optimization is no longer all about keyword density and keyword stuffing. In recent years, the changes […]

How a Copywriter Becomes Better with a Checklist

As a copywriter, your work involves multiple processes and elements. You outline, research, write, edit, fact-check, format, and publish. You work on press releases, blog posts, email newsletters, and more.  This type of work requires a good memory and a good system. This is where checklists come in. Checklists play a valuable role in the […]

The Importance of Content Marketing

Hiring content marketers isn’t just something that’s nice to do when you have the budget for it. Like conversion copywriting, it’s a necessity in any successful digital marketing strategy. If they do their jobs right, content marketers can help make businesses lots of money. They attract readers and convert them into loyal followers and customers. […]

How to Apply the 4 Modes of Writing in Copywriting

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In school, we were taught about using the appropriate tone in writing to achieve a given goal. You probably weren’t giving it much attention at the time, but it has proven to be quite useful now that we are living in a technologically advanced world where everyone turns to the Internet for everything. Writing is […]